Ed Sheeran Delights Fans by Serving Hot Dogs at Popular Joint

By: Thomas Blade

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Ed Sheeran Delights Fans by Serving Hot Dogs at Popular Joint

Musician Ed Sheeran surprised fans in Chicago as he took a break from his ‘Mathematics’ Tour to serve hot dogs at the famous Wieners Circle. The singer, known for his chart-topping hits, decided to try his hand at making Chicago-style hot dogs at the popular joint.

The Wieners Circle is renowned for its loud and vulgar treatment of customers, and Ed Sheeran got a taste of it himself. Videos of the singer being playfully insulted by the employees have gone viral on social media.

Ed Sheeran shared his experience on social media, posting a video of himself behind the counter at the hot dog stand. In the caption, he expressed his love for the legendary Chicago eatery and thanked the staff for the experience.

Not only did Ed Sheeran serve hot dogs, but he also interacted with fans who were thrilled to see him at the Wieners Circle. The restaurant itself posted photos and posts of the singer’s visit, joking that he had a lot to learn about their unique style of customer service.

While in Chicago, Ed Sheeran also broke the all-time attendance record at both The Chicago Theatre and Soldier Field. Addressing the crowd at his concerts, he expressed his gratitude for the massive turnout and thanked his fans for their support.

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has taken on regular gigs like this. Recently, David Letterman was spotted helping at a grocery store, and Lana del Ray was seen waitressing at a Waffle House. It’s refreshing to see these stars engaging in everyday activities and connecting with their fans in a unique way.

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