Ed Sheeran: how he went from explosive tours to changes for his health

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Ed Sheeran He discovered fame a little over 10 years ago when he became known with his first musical album and since then he has done nothing but climb the musical podium. But that same milestone led him into a spiral of excesses and vices that the singer himself acknowledges had to change to improve his quality of life. The result? a healthier and recovered style.

In a past interview, the pop star revealed that his last tour It was one of the most exhausting (she broke a Guinness record with her and traveled the 5 continents). According to him, all he did was eat unhealthy foods and drink alcoholic beverages a lot, which was in stark contrast to his wife’s style. Cherry Seaborn.

Once the tour ended in Suffolk, the town that saw him grow personally and musically Ed Sheeran he took refuge at home and announced his momentary retirement. Thus, he chose home life and changed his mindset for his well-being with a diet that provides him with the nutrients he needs and a daily exercise routine.

It’s the first time that I’m really healthy“Said the singer of hits as”Shape of You“In an interview with the British chain BBC where he acknowledged that there came a point at that time when he ordered” food to go every day. ” Now, he said, he changed all the “bad habits” in his life and exercised every day.

One of the most significant changes he made was to eliminate alcoholic beverages from his daily diet and thus lost 22 kilos. “Now I started drinking beer again, because I’m fine, but I stopped doing it regularly and I spend my time exercising, which was quite strange for me,” he added. Ed Sheeran in their experiences.


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