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Eddie Murphy’s Most Surprising Role That He Considers His Best

Eddie Murphy’s fondness for "The Nutty Professor" is well-placed, and it’s appropriate he gave a shoutout to Rick Baker, who picked up a trophy for best makeup at that year’s Academy Awards. Murphy’s not just wearing a fat suit to portray Professor Sherman Klump; he plays seven total characters throughout the film, all of whom have a different appearance. It’s an ideal showcase for Murphy’s talents, but anyone with an acting career spanning decades knows it can’t all be hits. During his chat with The New York Times, Murphy took time to focus on some of the lower points of his filmography.

2002’s "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" is widely considered a sci-fi comedy that ruined Murphy’s career. He knew it would be rough from the start, as he told the outlet, "I remember the first time we watched ‘Pluto Nash,’ I had my son Myles with me. He was probably about 8. Myles is sitting there with me, and the movie’s all soft. Then at the end, it goes silent, and my little baby son goes, ‘Corny’ … Even the baby knows it’s corny." Unfortunately, Murphy had many critically-reviled films throughout the 2000s, and that’s when Murphy knew he needed to change things up.

Murphy somewhat retired from acting after a slew of flops, as he explained on the "WTF" podcast, "This s* ain’t fun. They’re giving me Razzies … Motherf**** gave me the ‘worst actor ever’ Razzie." Of course, Murphy bounced back with "Dolemite Is My Name" and more recently with the well-received "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F." It’s clear Murphy’s still got it, and that shouldn’t even be a question for anyone who could pull off the comedic feat of "The Nutty Professor."

Source: New York Times