“Édgar Vivar Opens Up: The Heartbreaking Truth Behind the End of ‘Chavo del 8′”

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Édgar Vivar: Life After El Chavo del 8

Édgar Vivar is a Mexican actor famous for his role as “Señor Barriga” and “Ñoño” in the iconic television series, El Chavo del 8. Despite being a beloved character of the show, Vivar was left unappreciated by Televisa, the TV network behind the production.

The Rise of El Chavo del 8

El Chavo del 8 is a Mexican television series widely regarded as the most important comedy show in the country’s history. It started as a sketch in 1971 and had its own show from 1973 to 1980. The show was integrated into Chespirito’s lineup until its final broadcast in 1992.

The End of El Chavo del 8

El Chavo del 8 had a massive following, with over 350 million viewers in the American continent. However, Televisa had the plan to transform Canal de las Estrellas into Canal de las Telenovelas. They wanted to rescue only ‘El Chavo del 8’ and ‘Mujer, casos de la vida real’, which was hosted by Silvia Pinal, but Chespirito did not allow it. So, Televisa ended the project due to this disagreement in 1992, leaving Édgar Vivar and the rest of the cast out in the cold.

The Struggle of Édgar Vivar

Vivar, in particular, found it challenging to separate himself from his famous characters, Señor Barriga and Ñoño. He suffered from a period of depression, but after a few months, he realized he had to reinvent himself. He went to Spain and Argentina to produce shows and acted as the voice of a chef in Ratatouille and Dug in Up: a high adventure.

Despite feeling underappreciated by Televisa, Vivar was grateful to Chespirito, who had given him the opportunity to be part of his programs. He said, “Roberto was an exceptional being in many ways. He never sought fame, and I have always said that fame should be a consequence of your work, not your purpose.”

Édgar Vivar is still active in the entertainment industry, and now, in 2022, he continues to inspire many young talents in Mexico.

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