Edgardo Díaz, Former Menudo Manager, Faces Jail Time for Alleged Crimes – Latest Update

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Roy Roselló, former member of the Menudo band, recently accused the former manager of the band, Edgardo Díaz, of sexually abusing him when he was a minor. Roselló hopes that Díaz will be imprisoned for his actions. The abuse allegedly began when Roselló was just 12 years old. He stated that facing Díaz in court would not be a problem for him.

Roselló credits his Christian faith for helping him to heal from the trauma he experienced. He emphasizes that Díaz needs to ask for forgiveness from God for the harm he has caused Roselló and other children. He also believes that Díaz needs to pay for his actions and serve time in jail.

Attorney William Marini explains that Díaz can be prosecuted for these allegations, and the process can be initiated by going to the state Department of Justice or the police where the events occurred. The Menéndez brothers, who were imprisoned for killing their parents in 1989, have filed a petition to reopen their case.

A social media movement has emerged to free them, arguing that they acted in self-defense due to sexual abuse from their father, a former executive of the RCA record label. Roselló’s recent allegations could potentially aid the Menéndez brothers in regaining their freedom.

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