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Edge now lets you manage your passwords on mobile devices


The developers behind Internet browsers try to make your experience as complete as possible. This also means ensuring your safety, an arduous task that is solved with constant and effective updates. And this is what he has achieved Edge for your mobile version by applying your password manager.

You can finally manage your Edge accounts on your mobile

One of the things that you have to always be very careful is the passwords of the sites you enter. Yes, it is very easy to activate the button to remember credentials, but this represents a significant security problem. And is that automating this process can be a window for an attacker or voyeur to get hold of your data created on social networks or other sites.

For that, it is important to be very careful with the sites you log in to, to begin with, and then use tools that help you in this security work. For this are the password managers that are so important and that they have gone from being an app or extension of your browser to one more function within them. This has been a natural evolution that now expands to all versions of these applications.

And it is that soon we will see how Microsoft Edge for smartphones integrates the password manager. This is a feature that came to the computer version before and that you can finally use in version 92 for smartphones. In essence, it is a feature that is capable of generating a secure password for the sites you want and saving it. In addition, it also renews it for you so that it is always as strong as possible and you only surf the Internet.

Other new features of Edge

Edge’s password manager for your mobile is a great addition if you are one of those who care a lot about the security of your profiles. But as in the house of Redmond they are making bigger and more important changes in their browser, they have taken this opportunity to adjust this option in their computer version.

This feature consists of an improvement in the security function that tells you if you have repeated a password, something important that will reinforce the stability of the system and your accounts so that you are calm at all times.


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