Edge tricks: how to delete your data when closing the browser

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Internet browsers are key to finding all the information you need throughout the world. Each website is unique, but they offer different products and services that are sometimes worth taking into account. But maybe every time you enter the browser you want to do it from scratch, as if you had never entered the browser. Yes, this is possible and is achieved by erasing your data when closing Microsoft Edge. We tell you how it is achieved in a few steps.

This is how Edge always opens from scratch

When you browse the Internet, you generate a lot of data both for you and the pages you visit. This data is stored and on many occasions it helps make your session quick and direct thanks to the fact that the websites load much faster. Sessions already started, preloaded images, forms that fill out automatically … are some of the improvements that browsers bring, but you may need all this to be removed every time you close your session in Edge.

And is that Microsoft’s browser has a specific function to not collect all this information that you generate and delete it once you exit the browser. The best of all is that to comply with this process you will only need to make a few small adjustments within the browser, without activating anything else. We tell you where to find them:

  • Abre Edge
  • Go to the upper right, where the ellipsis
  • Enter Settings
  • Go to the privacy, searches and services part
  • If you browse a bit you will find the part of Clear browsing data
  • Enter the section on Delete exploration data when closing
  • Select everything you want to delete when closing the browser
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Other ways to delete your browsing data

As you can see, it takes very little time to choose what data Edge deletes when closed. Also, it’s up to you to select the ones you need and the ones you don’t, but there are other ways to get it. The first is activating the guest mode of Windows Edge, which is achieved with a small adjustment in the direction of Edge if you enter its properties. The other way is to use the private mode, a function that will open a window that does the same while in the classic version you keep your data as usual. Now the decision to use one or the other method is all yours.


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