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eDreams Odigeo is consolidated as the best tourist value of the year

eDreams ODIGEO has just presented results, which correspond to its first fiscal quarter of 2020, between April and June, reduce their losses to 23.9 million euros. With a substantial improvement in reserve levels due to the first steps of the vaccination campaign and the relaxation of measures. Specifically, they registered 2.2 million bookings, 491% more compared to last year.

Too raised their income margin above 300% and boosted their customers’ prime model to 1.21 million, a level that was double the previous one and that already represents almost 40% of its quotas in flight reservations. In that line is framed the agreement signed with the British EasyJet to offer its customers a greater variety of rates and, in addition, establish preferential prices to third parties in the airline’s route network.

Its CFO, David Elizaga reflects on this matter in Investment Strategies, recognizing that “one of the keys to the success of our company is based on Prime. The service has raised our relationship with customers and has achieved an unparalleled benefit in terms of loyalty. For all these reasons, there is no doubt that we will continue working on our subscription program so that our travelers can continue to enjoy its long-term benefits ”.

In its quotation graph, we see how the value fell by 4.9% in September after the cuts this week, while in the last month the decreases were reduced to 2%. However, with its accumulated annual advances, Edreams is positioned as the best tourist value of the year, with increases that exceed 44% and one improvement in its capitalization that reaches 218 million euros since the beginning of the year.

For Luis Francisco Ruiz, Director of Investment Strategies analysis “The stock is supported by the secondary bullish guideline and bounced in the last sessions. The price allows to activate a buy signal in the MACD oscillator that starts from oversold levels and that occurs within a bullish bottom.

And the Ei expert also highlights that “volatility remains below average and volume shows slight signs of recovery. In these conditions you can look for the long side or buyer that it does not find significant resistance up to the annual maximum established at 7.37 ”.

eDreams on daily chart with range of amplitude in percentage, MACD oscillator and trading volume

The premium technical indicators of Investment Strategies show us a slightly downward note for Edreams with a medium-term downward trend, but long-term bullish, the total moment, both slow and fast, is positive for Edreams, the business volume is mixed, increasing in the long term but decreasing in the medium term and the volatility of the value, in its two aspects, moves in a decreasing way. In total score it represents 6 of the 10 total points for Edreams.

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