Education ‘online’ in the pandemic: 8 out of 10 elementary school students in Mexico worry that they have advanced “without having learned enough”

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In Mexico, eight out of 10 basic education students expressed concern about having advanced through the grade “without having learned enough” during online classes, which were given due to confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The data follows from ‘Educate in contingency. Findings and challenges in basic education ‘, a draft of interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research coordinated by the Universidad Iberoamericana, in Mexico City.

60,052 students and 13,063 teachers participated in the study. 80% of the students said they were distressed at having gone “to the next level without having learned anything”; while 78% of teachers are concerned that their students “arrive in unequal academic conditions” to the new grade.

Given this, in the new school year new anxieties arise among students: 37% believe that they will have to “pay more attention” in their classes, 34% are concerned about access to technology and 27% fear they will have to “drop out of school”.

On the part of the teachers, 57% think that there should be “regularization of learning”, the 42% fear “that students will not return or drop out” and 32% are concerned about “access to technology.”

The research also asked students and teachers what they most learned and developed as an academic skill in this contingency due to the coronavirus. In this regard, 73% of students responded that to “use technology to learn” and 59% of educators that to “use technology applied to education.”

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