Eduin Caz, then and now: photos of the change of life of the singer of Grupo Firme – MAG.

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Eduin Caz has surprised his fans. The singer of Grupo Firme Mexican He has decided to give a total change to his image and to make an effort to get away from the excesses and nights that he has to spend due to the environment in which he now operates.

As his followers will already know, Eduin Caz He has always shown everything he does on his social networks. This means that he maintains a very close relationship with his admirers, who through photographs and videos know the artist’s family and incidentally, in recent times have been aware of what he does to improve their quality of life.

A couple of months ago, the young Mexican artist promised to try to improve his health. At this time he was subjected to a challenge with his friend Beto Sierra, who is a coach and in his condition helps many people, including celebrities. The personal training provides its students with a series of exercise routines and diets that allow them to meet their objectives.

From day 1, Eduin has published how his transformation has been, the same that has allowed him to lose many extra kilos and look almost unrecognizable. The interpreter published his exercise routines, put together by Beto Sierra. On some occasions, the artist recounted how difficult it was for him to put aside what he was used to eating before. This situation manifested itself especially when he was on tour and saw his companions on the road eating junk. Firm Group.

Caz tells on his social networks that in a month he was able to lose up to 15 kilos. This good news was shared on the singer’s Instagram and also on those of his personal trainer, Beto Sierra. The Culiacan artist He confessed that among the main things he stopped consuming was alcoholic beverages.

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‘’If I can, you can. The rhythm of life that I lead in these literal moments is of not having time for anything. The truth is, I would like to invite you to try to change your lifestyle a bit.. On the weekends I took up to a 6 in each event and even so, my way of eating and exercising could be changed a bit ”he wrote in one of his photographs.

On September 15, the lead singer of Grupo Firme celebrated Mexico’s Independence Day in a big way. He took advantage of the moment to publicize a message he received from the Colombian artist on his social networks. The sender was Maluma, who sent a video addressed to Eduin Caz, in which he mentions that some collaboration may be given very soon.

From his Instagram account, Eduin Caz published the video where the interpreter from Hawaii let him know that he likes the work that the Mexican group has done so far. “Wake me up and tell me it is not a dream. One of the hardest @maluma Colombia and Mexico “wrote the Mexican musician.

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