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Edward Norton was close to being the Hulk again

Probably in all the rankings of the Cinematographic Universe of Marvel (MCU) the film that is anchored in the background is The Incredible Hulk. The film starring Edward Norton premiered in 2008, the same year the saga was born by the hand of Iron Man that today can be seen in Disney+. The film was not well received and its star also did not end in the best way with the study, so it had to be replaced.

Today it is impossible to think about Hulk and that the image that comes to mind is other than that of Mark Ruffalo. The actor who last year did an excellent job in the series of HBO, I know this much is true, became a key part of the MCU. In fact, it was he who brought back to life all the people killed by the snap of Thanos.

Still no plans for a solo movie by Hulk, this character will reappear, at least with a cameo, in She-Hulk, series that Tatania Maslany will star. This week, the new episode of “What If…?” premiered in Disney+ allowed to return, for the first time since the premiere of the film, to the sets that were seen in The Incredible Hulk, but with a big change: the voice of Bruce Banner was in charge of Mark Ruffalo.

Hulk died for the first time in the last chapter of “What If …?”. (Disney)

The striking thing is that, before Mark Ruffalo will accept to be part, the scriptwriter of “What If…?”, A.C. Bradley He assured that he had as a plan “B” a familiar face to Marvel. “I’ve probably seen The Incredible Hulk about three or four times “, he told Discussing Film. When talking about Wednesday’s episode, Bradley he pointed: “We wanted to make sure that with all three films we got iconic moments that people could easily recognize. Then for The Incredible Hulk it was the fight scene at Culver University “.

The other sequence that was close to being part of “What If…?” was the fight between Hulk and The Abomination which is produced in Harlem. In this context, the screenwriter revealed: “I made a joke at first, ‘if we can’t get back to Ruffalo, Do we ask Norton? ‘. Then they told me that Mark Ruffalo I had already agreed to be in the series “. After saying this, he remarked that “You can’t get a Hulk better than Mark Ruffalo.

the incredible hulk edward norton

Liv Tyler acompañó a Edward Norton en The Incredible Hulk. (IMDb)

Everything that is known about the next episode of “What If …?”

As you know, “What If…?” the current series of MCU on Disney+ It will be made up of nine chapters in total. The next to arrive will be the fourth and, as with the previous ones, it will be available next Wednesday. Marvel he usually keeps secret everything related to plots and productions in general, but even so, some details are known.

doctor strange marvel mcu benedict cumberbatch what if

Doctor Strange will also be in the next Spider-Man movie. (Disney)

The fourth episode of “What If…?” will be focused on Doctor Strange. In this sense, beyond the fact that the title is not known, it is speculated that it will show the Supreme Sorcerer travel to another reality and face an evil version of himself.

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