EEG: Mexican competitors agreed to face Peruvians in Lima

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The Peruvian team of ‘This is war‘said goodbye to the Mexican program in tears, after giving 100% in each competition. Although our representatives lost, they all had a good time and had a great experience.

The Peruvian warriors will perform today at 7 pm a live from the screens of América TV to talk about this great experience in Aztec lands. And the fact is that there are many questions that his fans have, about his confrontation with the competitors of the charro country, so the program will be dedicated to clearing all the concerns.

Gian Piero Diaz and Johanna San Miguel They challenged the Guerreros México hosts to face each other in competition again, but this time at the América Televisión studios in Pachacamac.

We wait for you in Lima with all the love and respect in the world“Said Piero and added:” EThis Peruvian team has been fighting it for a long time, seeking to entertain the Peruvian family, and there are some wonderful fans in Peru, and we owe it to them. They are the soul, the heart of the program, they often criticize us, but finally they push us to take on these kinds of challenges. We leave with our heads held high, because we leave everything in the competition. We are standing and always looking at the sky”.

It should be mentioned that Guerreros México won the cup in the first confrontation they had with Guerreros Peruanos. The Peruvians gave their hosts as a token of fellowship and friendship, Peruvian pisco and the traditional chullo.

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Johanna San Miguel He couldn’t help but be moved when he heard the tender message from the Guerreros México host, Tania Rincón, highlighting the work that the “Mama leona” does with each of the competitors.

The rival in war is faced, but also respected. You are an institution, and not only the driver, you are the woman who is fighting shoulder to shoulder with the warriors. You are an anchor and the backbone of a program that you started. It is seen that you accompany the team in each pass and it is seen that you suffer it”, Said Tania

Immediately, the competitors of This is War Peru approached to support their host when they saw her cry over the emotional words of her Mexican colleague. Gian Piero Díaz thanked the words and the reception of the Aztec team on Televisa. “We are leaving Mexico more united than ever. Sons and daughters I adore you with all my heartJohanna finished.

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