EEG: Technical Director of “Guerreros México” calls the Peruvian team opportunistic

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The second date of the duel between “This is war” and “Warriors Mexico”Continues to draw sparks. On the first date, great controversy was generated by the roll of the dice, which allowed the Aztec team to add 100 points.

Faced with the claim of the driver Gian Piero Díaz about the incorrect procedure to roll the dice, the technical director of Guerreros México, Luis Caballero ‘Potro’, had strong qualifications against the Peruvian team.

“I feel that the Peruvian team is a bit opportunistic. It is using a lot of the regulations that they have there, but I have news for you: this is Mexico and it is played with the rules of Mexico “, said the also musician.

“We told you, here in Mexico things are well done. They are applying the ‘Cobras’ thing, they are doing time, they do not want to play and that they give them points. That handicap (handicap) is over”, He lashed out.

For her part, the Peruvian driver Johanna San Miguel decided to answer her strong qualifiers: “We have news for you because that handicap is not over. Although it is true we are in Mexico, we are visitors and they will have to adjust to what we want “, he refuted.

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