EEG: The curious gesture of Allison Pastor to prevent Erick Elera from dancing with Johanna San Miguel | VIDEO

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Allison Pastor She is on her birthday and Erick Elera decided to celebrate this special date with her on the set of “This is War”, however, an uncomfortable moment overshadowed the celebration.

Johanna San Miguel congratulated the reality girl for her birthday, and seconds later she surprised her by inviting Erick Elera to accompany her while driving in the absence of Gian Piero Díaz.

True to his style, the interpreter of “Cada mañanita” entered the set to the rhythm of the “Ostruz” dance, a theme that made all the members of the reality dance, including Johanna San Miguel.

It was at that moment that the artist approached the host of “EEG” to continue dancing, but his partner pulled him by the arm. After this uncomfortable moment, the singer starred in an emotional moment with Allison Pastor, whom he kissed on camera.

Erick Elera later revealed that he had agreed to take over the reality show temporarily. “I was here, in Pachacamac, to record the series ‘Back to the neighborhood’ and I stayed to accompany my wife for her birthday and they told me: ‘oe, you don’t want to drive in’ and I said yes”, He said.

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