EEG vs. Guerreros MX: reveal why the show was recorded

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Johanna San Miguel and Gian Piero Diaz reappeared on the screens of América Televisión after the international duel between “This is war”And“ Guerreros México ”, and revealed details of what they experienced in the Aztec country prior to the competition.

Gian Piero Díaz began the reality show by sending a hug to the Mexican people after the strong 7.1 magnitude earthquake that occurred yesterday, precisely at the time that the competition was broadcast on the screens of Televisa and América TV.

We want to send a big hug to the Mexican people who unfortunately suffered a very strong earthquake yesterday. In fact, we found out while still on the plane. It was two hours after leaving on the direct flight to Lima that we learned about this earthquake”, He expressed.

The EEG presenter admitted that the duel between the Peruvian and Mexican competitors was a recorded program, but that this was because they had to return to the country to continue with the reality programming.

While it is true you have been able to witness two days of competition, which could not be done live, because we had to be here back to be able to go live today. Therefore, what you saw on Monday was recorded on Sunday, and what you saw yesterday was recorded on Monday. In other words, the team only had one day to test the competition”, He said.

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