Effortlessly Clean Your Household with this Super Absorbent Towel – Absorbs Up to 8 Times Its Weight!

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Household cleaning is easy with this super absorbent towel

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Once upon a time, there was a person fed up with the typical kitchen towel that frays easily and smells damp all the time. One day, he found out that there are other less cumbersome ways to clean the house and since then, nothing has been the same…

Super Shorby: The Essential Discovery for All Household Tasks

Super Shorby is the culprit. From his name, he seems to be some kind of hero, but he is not. Seeing him that way would take away from the reality of everything he is capable of doing. What is a fact is that it is not a common object either: Is there a towel that absorbs up to 8 times its own weight in liquid? As a towel, rag, jargon or as an ally, this product has no comparison because in addition to being versatile, It is made with the highest quality tests in Germany, is biodegradable and is highly durable. In short, it is the necessary discovery for all tasks around the house.

Cleaning Carpets and Removing Pet Stains

Super Shorby went viral on social networks for demonstrating its effectiveness in cleaning a carpet after soda spilled on it. In the video, it is impressive to see how despite the amount of liquid it collects, absolutely nothing flows out. This pack contains 3 (one orange, one green and one blue) and each measures 50 cm x 60 cm. Plus it can be cut and still doesn’t lose its benefits. This cloth can remove both recent accidents and older stains.

Drying the Car and Pet Care

After washing the car, it is very practical to use this cloth because it absorbs and dries. First, you have to moisten it (because wet it absorbs more liquid) and then it is necessary to pass it in one direction throughout the body. When it is very wet, it should be squeezed. As a last detail, you can use a dry Super Shorby so that it is completely dry with a circular movement with little pressure. Of course, as at any time, care must be taken in the way in which we clean to avoid scratches. When our dog or cat gets into mischief, sometimes you have to take measures such as cleaning them when they get into a puddle or when they are full of mud. Super Shorby intervenes very well in this situation. Basically, it should be used wet and rub as if it were a towel. To finish drying, we recommend a dry cloth to rub it in the same way and that’s it. It is necessary to disinfect and allocate a single use for this cloth.

Household Cleaning Made Easy

Never before has it been so easy to care for the kitchen and every surface in the home. Cutting into multiple pieces is recommended for simple tasks such as cleaning tables, sinks, and stoves. To clean, it is recommended to use a brush for difficult parts and then use wet Super Shorby to pick up all the dirt. If you want to remove moisture or polish a surface, it should be used dry applying a little pressure with circular motion. If, for example, we swim, it is also very useful, since it is enough to moisten it with the same water from the pool and squeeze it so that it is moist to dry the body. Of course, it should not be kept wet, it should be washed after each use. It also works as a bathroom mat. To remove dirt and stains from glass, windows, and mirrors, it should be used wet and in combination with non-corrosive cleaning products. Afterwards, a dry one should be used.

Mattress Protection and User Reviews

First, it is necessary to place plastic on the mattress because this cloth is not waterproof, although it is super absorbent. A dry plastic should be placed on top of the plastic and the sheet on top, thus avoiding accidents due to incontinence, for example. Easy, soaks up urine, although it is recommended to use another damp Super Shorby to wipe on top of the plastic to prevent moisture. What are people saying about this product? This rag is all in one, can be used as mopping and cleaning slang spills, kitchen towel, glass cloth and towel for both humans and pets. Due to its multiple uses and its impressive quality, it has managed to pass the exam with 10. Even the influencer “Let’s put it to the test” gave it the thumbs up. Also, on Amazon more than 1,000 people have bought it and it has an average rating of 4.4 stars. Although it is impossible to believe that a rag can do so much, its qualities are true. People comment that it has really worked for them: “they are definitely absorbent in their entirety, of good quality, they do not remain stained with any absorbent liquid, nor do they keep odors. They’re pretty big, I actually cut them in half and don’t fray.” As it’s also useful for drying the body and face, one person commented, “I bought this to wipe sweat off my face while working out and it’s great. I cut a small piece and I have been using it for a long time, so all the pieces will last me for many years.” Despite its benefits, it is always essential to read the instructions clearly to obtain better results, as a user comments: “super absorbent, cleans all surfaces very well, excellent quality. It is important to read the instructions carefully before using it”.

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