eFootball 2022 and its bugs are the sensation on social networks: these are the funniest

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Konami and eFootball 2022 are already in the hands of the community. This September 30 begins a new era for virtual football of the Japanese. From Pro Evolution Soccer we give way to a title, the free to play model, with a kind of aperitif prior to its first major content update.

But its release does not seem to live up to what its fans expected. In fact, overall reviews on Steam are “extremely negative.” Out of 3,549 user reviews, only 9% are positive. Players have started to share some of the hilarious moments they have encountered in these early games.

From Messi to Cristiano: nobody is saved

The faces of some football stars show an appearance… unusual, so to speak. We see Cristiano Ronaldo celebrate a goal in a peculiar way: the veins on his neck are marked as if he were drowning from the hug of his partner. Little can we say about Leo Messi: that look speaks alone.

Do you remember Naruto when he was running? Ansu Fati has returned from his injury wanting to imitate him. A user shares how the young Barça player puts his arms back after a graphic bug. You will not stop laughing.

Other mistakes are less funny, but no less important for that. In this video we can see the players correct their position unnaturally; Instead of going for the ball, they make a kind of sideways movement that prevents you from completing the action you have performed in command.

Remember that eFootball 2022 is currently available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC, and iOS and Android mobile devices. Click on this link to know all the licenses confirmed so far.

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