eFootball 2022 confirms its release date: when will it be available for free download?

eFootball PES 2021

Konami has uncovered its plans regarding eFootball 2022, its new football simulator free-to-play (free but with microtransactions). The PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) saga has put aside the name that has accompanied it during all these years to modify its business model. Now, the Japanese company has confirmed when it can be downloaded. Through an official statement, it has been reported that the launch is scheduled for the September 30th en PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S y PC.

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Why have they dispensed with the PES brand?

“We announce eFootball 2022 – the official title of the first season of our platform,” they wrote on social media. On the website, they have also posted a message explaining why they have decided to remove the PES name from the title. “It all started with the determination to envision a revolutionary football experience. Our ambition was to recreate a perfect football atmosphere, from the grass of the field to the fans in the stands, through the movements of the players ”. Therefore, they made the decision to change the graphics engine and renew the animation system and controls.

“The end result has been even more impressive than we had conceived originally. We have crossed the border of PES, entering a new world of virtual football. To mark the beginning of this new era, we have decided to abandon the PES brand for eFootball! ”

Konami has tacitly acknowledged, however, that the game we’ll see at launch will be a demo of sorts. There will only be 9 teams available and some playable aspects will not be incorporated until later. On the other hand, the new generation versions (and the PC version) will have graphical improvements, but they will not be ready on September 30 either. The Japanese use Unreal Engine 4 in all versions, according to Konami itself. It will therefore be a title in constant evolution.

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