eFootball 2022 Details Launch Contents and Fall Update

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Konami has just announced that eFootball will be called this year eFootball 2022. It has also revealed that its launch will take place on September 30 on all platforms. As already known, the title can be downloaded for free, since it will work under the model free-to-play. In a press release, the company has detailed all the content that will arrive when it is released, but also those of the big fall update (still undated).

When the game debuts on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4 and PC, all players will be able to enjoy eFootball 2022 World, where users will have the opportunity to play matches with real teams. Regarding the offline matches, it will be possible to play against the AI ​​or against a friend controlling one of the following clubs: FC Barcelona, ​​FC Bayern München, Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal FC, SC Corinthians Paulista, CR Flamengo, CA River Plate and São Paulo FC. The available stadiums will be the Camp Nou, Old Trafford, Allianz Stadium, Emirates Stadium, Allianz Arena and eFootball Stadium.

In addition, in online matches there will be crossover play between generations and weekly events. Using one of the pre-established teams will be able to obtain both rewards and GP.

Everything you need to know about the fall update

There is no specific date yet, but eFootball 2022 will add new features shortly after its launch, including Creative Teams. This patch will also mark the start of the new monetization model of the platform, rebalanced to ensure that all players “can reach the same potential”, regardless of the acquisitions they make in-game.

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Creative Teams

  • Sign footballers and coaches who adapt with your favorite strategies and tactics, train and improve to play against players from all over the world. In eFootball 2022, players will be able to land the transfers they want the most, making team building more accessible.
  • Choose a base team from one of more than 600 licensed clubs / teams to wear their crest, kit and stadium, before creating the team of your dreams.

New match modes

  • eFootball Creative League – a league where players can use their Creative Team and compete against other players to become the best in the world. Earn points to advance to the next league level and earn rewards based on your results in each of the 10 match rounds.
  • Tour Event – play against AI opponents in a tour format, earning rewards by accumulating Event Points.
  • Challenge Event – play online against other players, completing the assigned objectives to get rewards.
  • Online Quick Match – Play a friendly match online against other players using more than 600 licensed clubs / teams, including cross-platform match (PC and consoles only).
  • Online Match Lobby – create an online match room and invite other players to a 1vs1.

New types of players

  • Standard – players based on performance during the current season, can be signed with eFootball Coins (Chance Deal item) or GP (Nominating Contracts item).
  • Trending – Players based on specific matches or weeks in which they performed outstandingly, can be signed with Nominating Contracts.
  • Featured – selected players who can be signed with eFootball Coins (Chance Deal item) or eFootball Points (Nominating Contract item).
  • Legendary – players based on a specific featured season, who can be signed with eFootball Coins (Chance Deal item) or eFootball Points (Nominating Contract item).
  • There will be three coins available in eFootball: eFootball Coins (premium currency), and GP and eFootball Points (both earned through in-game performance).
  • Visit eFootball web for more information on player development.
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