eFootball 2022 is updated in November, but will only fix bugs

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The rebirth of the PES saga under the name of eFootball 2022 has not materialized with the expected success. In fact, the reaction of the players and the press has been totally opposite. The game has come out under the model free-to-play with a kind of demo full of errors, which soon hit the net in the form of humorous memes. Konami has got down to business and started work on a patch, delayed until early November. Now, the Japanese have confirmed the final date, the November 5th.

However, this update will be focused solely on bugs, as stressed by Konami in its social media accounts. “Version 0.9.1 of eFootball 2022 will be released on November 5 for PC / consoles. This update it only serves to correct errors”, They explain. The patch notes will be available on the game’s website when the update is made available to players.

Fall update … on the way

EFootball 2022 was launched on September 30. Soon after, when criticism flooded Twitter and Facebook, Konami issued a statement to apologize. He promised changes and improvements for the future, although his plan has yet to unfold. We know the Fall Update should be out in November, promising to add hundreds of teams and the bulk of game modes. The version for mobile devices, meanwhile, is not yet dated.

In an official statement, Konami said that “the quality will be improved and the content will be added constantly.” For now, eFootball 2022 works like free-to-play, no longer branded Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) as part of its name. The game, which is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, has been built with the graphics engine unreal engine. It is expected that in the future graphical improvements will also be implemented for the next generation consoles, although no dates have been provided.

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