eFootball 2022 vs FIFA 22: graphical comparison with animations, physics and more

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This October 1, FIFA 22, the new Electronic Arts football simulator, goes on sale worldwide. Added to the premiere this week of eFootball 2022, the successor of Pro Evolution SoccerIt is now a tradition to face both titles to check which one looks better and which title presents better animations, physical and details in order to favor the feeling of immersion. This video of The Bit Analyst it is a true reflection of both realities.

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eFootball 2022, comes with endless problems; FIFA 22 now available

Because the disastrous launch of eFootball 2022, currently the focus of memes On the internet, due to its huge amount of bugs – it is the worst rated title on Steam at the moment – they prevent it from being recommended until the expected autumn update arrives this November.

In the video, published this Friday by The Bit AnalystWe find sequences recorded directly from the console version of both works with elements such as lighting; the detail of the models in players like Leo Messi, the best footballer in the world; the textures of the ball, the grass or the models of the players; their general animations; the physics, the NPC of the stands and their behavior; the drawing distance; etc.

Neither title has been released without errors; Not in vain, in our analysis of FIFA 22 we conclude by saying that it is an evolution of what was seen in FIFA 21, an evolution in the right direction in the face of a long generation of consoles in which never seen heights of realism can be reached .

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FIFA 22 It officially hits stores this October 1 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. eFootball 2022For its part, it can be downloaded now on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Android, iOS and PC.

Source | The Bit Analyst; Image: The Bit Analyst


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