eFootball 2022 vs PES 2021, which one has better graphics? New comparison

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eFootball 2022 has become one of the busiest launches of the year in the video game industry. Konami has given a twist to its quintessential football saga, Pro Evolution Soccer, betting on a change of name, engine, business model (free-to-play) and even aspects strictly derived from its playability. The channel The Bit Analyst has posted a new graphical comparison, this time not between the different versions of eFootball, but this one with its predecessor, eFootball PES 2021.

eFootball PES 2021, a title much better finished than eFootball 2022

The first thing that stands out is that we have a graphics engine change. Konami has switched from using the Unreal Engine 4 of Epic Games al Fox Engine. The footage that we can see in the video is from PlayStation. In the first case, on PS4 it is shown that eFootball PES 2021 reaches 1080p in the base model; while on PS4 Pro it can be played in resolution 4 (2160p). This is the first difference. In eFootball 2022, 4K is not achieved on any console. On PS4 it’s 792p; on PS4 Pro it amounts to 1080p; while on PS5 we can enjoy the title in 1440p resolution.

Another element where PES 2021 wins is in the recreation of characters from the public, the NPC from the stands. The detail of the animations, illumination on the face, hair and physical behavior has also changed, with points in favor for both titles. The textures are also clearly superior, for the moment, in PES 2021, with a much more defined and detailed lawn.

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The conclusion that we can reach with this version of eFootball 2022 (it will be updated in November with new content and improvements) is that it is well below PES 2021. Konami has already warned that, out of the box, it would be a kind of demo. The result, however, is far below what is desired. Bugs are a constant and Konami has already apologized.

eFootball 2022 can be downloaded for free (free-to-play) on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS5, and PC. Coming soon to iOS and Android.

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