“El Gallinazo: The Memorable Dance That Made Paco Stanley Laugh and Earned a Place in Mexico’s Heart”

The Legend of Paco Stanley’s Catchphrases and the Birth of “El Gallinazo”

Mario Bezares’ iconic dance, the “El Gallinazo,” became an instant sensation in the 90s, thanks to Paco Stanley’s TV programs. Stanley’s catchphrases and infectious energy were the talk of the town. Had he been alive today, Stanley would still be setting trends and going viral with his programs.

Stanley’s programs like “¡Ándale!,” “Pácatelas!,” and “One after another” were filled with entertaining segments that people loved. Fans still repeat phrases like “How cute I am, how beautiful I am, how I love myself!” and “Choir girls!” decades after they were first aired. The dance routines that were born from songs like ‘Cangrejito playero,’ ‘La ventanita,’ and ‘La macarena’ are still popular at parties today.

However, the most challenging and impressive dance of them all was the “El Gallinazo.” Mario Bezares was the only one who could execute it flawlessly. The popular dance originated from the song ‘El gallinero’ by Ramírez, an electronic music project comprised of Italian producers Davide Rizzatti, Elvio Moratto, and Ricki Persi, with Colombian singer Alex Quiroz Buelvas providing the vocals.

Bezares made the remix of the song famous in his TV show “¡Pácatelas!” in 1995. The energetic and lively track with its repetitive and catchy lyrics make people want to get up and dance. The first verse announces the arrival of the “rooster who commands” and orders everyone to wake up and pay attention. The rest of the song is all about celebration and movement.

Mayito, recalling the dance in a 2022 interview, said it was all about making Paco Stanley laugh. The dance craze started when producer Marco Flavio Cruz brought a record of “El gallinero” from New York, and they played it every time they aired commercials. Stanley ended up loving the song and started incorporating it into the program. This is when Stanley added his unique twist to the dance, such as throwing oneself on the ground, making it even more difficult.

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The “El Gallinazo” soon started receiving thousands of phone calls, demanding Bezares to dance the vulture. People started replicating the dance at every gathering possible, from clubs to weddings, even divorces. Bezares had to start doing shows solely based on the popularity of “El Gallinazo.” He even created his own version, complete with step-by-step instructions on how to dance it.

In conclusion, Paco Stanley’s catchphrases and dance routines will forever be a part of Mexican pop culture. They have become a symbol of joy and celebration for generations of fans. The “El Gallinazo” dance has left a lasting impression on people, and it serves as a testament to the creativity and humor of Mexican pop culture.

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