‘El Ratoncito Pérez’ unleashes controversy for leaving a letter to a girl recommending a better brushing technique instead of money for her tooth

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‘El Ratoncito Pérez’ is one of the most endearing figures of our childhood, since he always ‘appeared’ whenever a tooth fell out to leave us financial compensation. On several occasions, this character (who was actually one of our parents) wrote a letter.

This is what happened to a minor named Elisa. Said missive, that was not accompanied by a tip, went viral on Twitter for containing instructions for brushing instead of the classic messages of encouragement.

“Today I want to apologize for not taking your tooth, was analyzed by the expert team and failed the test due to lack of care and attention”Reads the beginning of the letter, which was published on July 18.

‘El Ratoncito Pérez’ also implies that these are the reasons why the payment was not made. “We recommend you brush your teeth 3 times a day and use the tooth brushing technique. I hope to come back soon, Elisa ”, he mentions at the end of the letter.

Dozens of users of Twitter They indicated that this has not been the best way to tell a girl to brush her teeth with greater dedication. Some of those people they described the letter as an act of cruelty.

“Those parents are extremely cruel to their daughter. I can’t really understand this, as there are better ways to channel a message, ”said one of them.

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