“El Reventonazo”: Elías Montalvo broke down during an interview when he remembered an accident in a challenge of height of “EEG” – MAG.

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Elijah Montalvo He returned to the program where he made his first pininos on television, and this Saturday he will appear in “El reventonazo de la chola”, where he will tell the difficult moments he went through after suffering a spectacular fall in “Esto es Guerra”:

In the preview of the program, the titktoker could not help breaking while being interviewed by the ‘Chola Chabuca’ when remembering the difficult experience that put his life at risk.

The member of the “Warriors” has indicated that the injury to his ankle is improving, thanks to the rehabilitation that he began after the fall he had in the height challenge.

“The first week I was locked up and if I used a crutch it was because I wanted to and it was not that they told me. Now I have started my physical therapies and I can walk normally “, he stated.

The youtuber also said that he had mixed feelings when he returned to the entertainment space that gave him great support in his career on the small screen.

“At first I was a little nervous, but I had the best time. And I am very grateful to the Chola Chabuca because she gave me the opportunity. I started at the bar giving applause then I was doing extra and, as I was stubborn to have more presence there, I became a host “, he stressed.

But not everything will be tears. Elías will also have a fun meeting with his clones played by Manolo Rojas and Chikiplum, with whom he recorded a TikTok dancing to the song In Da Getto by Colombian singer J Balvin.

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“It was funny because they make people laugh with their witticisms. They were even so equal to me that they wore my clothing brand Elmont24 ″, he mentioned.

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