Elden Ring will not force the player to travel or fight on horseback, according to Miyazaki

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There are barely two months left for the arrival of one of the most anticipated games of this 2022 that has just started. We are talking about Elden Ring, a title that will be the culmination of a work of more than a decade by From Software not only in charge of the famous Dark Souls saga, but also others such as Bloodborne or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. One of the things that has attracted the most attention of the new work of the Japanese has been the possibility not only to travel, but also to fight on horseback, something completely unprecedented -at least for the protagonist- until now in the games of Hidetaka Miyazaki and company. However, the creative has wanted to make it clear that this is precisely a possibility, and not an obligation at all.

More choices for players

“In no way do we want to force the player to travel or fight on horseback,” Miyazaki said in an interview in Edge magazine, sporting an absolutely spectacular cover based on the game. “We prefer to build situations in which both are a viable strategy, and it is the player’s choice to follow these strategies.. It should never feel like something forced. In terms of map design and encounters, according to the scale and structure of the world, it’s something we wanted to encourage you to use. I also hope that combat on horseback will become a choice for players among all those who have to face various situations, with that level of freedom. So in that sense yes, we have built the world with that in mind. “

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Thus, Miyazaki recognizes that, being a novelty of Elden Ring, he did want to create situations in which the players felt encouraged to make use of them, although not forced to do so. Far from that, it will be possible to travel the world of this new title on foot, as well as fight. In the same interview, curiously, the creator assures that he took inspiration from The Lord of the Rings during development.

Elden Ring will arrive on February 25 to PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

Source: Edge, via ResetEra


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