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The Sandinista revolution became the show of winks this Sunday after Daniel Ortega openly embraced the totalitarianism forged by four hands with Commander Tomás Borge (1930-2012) to abort imaginary relapses of Somocismo and an ideological legacy at the service of the Yankee: anything can happen in Nicaragua except losing power, whatever the world says. After losing it in the 1990 generals and regaining it in 2007, the junta chaired by Ortega set about the task of eternalizing itself, justifying the authoritarianism of the present based on the uprising against the oppression of the past, an alibi validated by the ultra-left, which combines repression, performing arts and lentils.

The exhibition of articulated dolls began with the trafficking of institutions between the supreme puppeteer and the corrupt former president Arnoldo Alemán, the virginal and anti-abortion marriage of Rosario Murillo offered to the archbishopric of Obando y Bravo and the supply of businesses to businessmen who would have accepted them from the filibuster William Walker. The stage set was silent or sonorous, as agreed, and the puppeteer manipulated with the consent and gratitude of the puppets until the carnage of 2018 seemed unaffordable.

The guignol theater entertains with polichinelas that in Nicaragua make people cry when they personify the judges, thugs and propagandists of despotism. On Sunday the mosquitoes performed, insects that inject anticoagulant and suck blood and, in the case that concerns us, positions and perks in exchange for participating in the simulation of pluralism. Without the stilt parties, the voter hauling and the factory of lies shut down by Facebook, the masquerade of Ortega, Murillo y Cía. I would have been soulless.

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Years ago, the counterrevolutionary leadership only needed to cheat with the institutions, thwart ambitions and foment rivalries. To dare with the ballot box, he needed to imprison the opposition and expand the hiring of wimp. By arguing that the rallies are dangerous because the coronavirus is preying on the crowds, the parade candidates saved themselves the ridicule of speaking alone and the danger of getting the script wrong: agents on the payroll of foreign countries destroy, kill, bankrupt the economy and subvert the constitutional order.

The absurdity on the billboard outrages the international audience, except the regional cultivators of the genre, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and the governments of Mexico and Argentina, who silently protest the suppression of rights and freedoms so as not to irritate their anti-imperialist bases if they accompanied in the complaint to the United States and the OAS. Mutis through the forum using the Estrada doctrine: do not dig into someone else’s shit so as not to throw your own.

If the critical conscience of Latin America does not react to the electoral buffoonery of the Sandinista Front, the infringement of democracy will continue in a geography where it is declining, and not without reasons.

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