Electric car: Porsche wants to develop high-performance batteries with custom cells from 2024

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From 2024, Porsche and its joint venture partner Customcells want to manufacture high-performance battery cells on a small scale. The joint venture, in which Porsche holds a majority stake of 83.75 percent, has chosen Tübingen as its production site.

The workforce is expected to grow from 13 to 80 employees by 2025. The planned production should achieve a capacity of at least 100 MWh per year, corresponding to battery cells for 1000 vehicles. The partner Customcells has a name as a small series manufacturer with flexible production concepts in the area of ​​special lithium battery cells, for example for the aviation and shipping industries.

The new high-performance cells should work with silicon as the anode material in order to significantly increase the energy density compared to current series batteries. With the anodes, the internal resistance of the battery is supposed to decrease further, so that it can absorb or output current more quickly. BASF is involved as a development partner and supplies high-energy HEDTM NCM cathode materials that enable fast charging and high energy density. The cold suitability or years of charging cycle stability, on the other hand, must and should be improved in this project. Porsche wants to test the “high-performance technology first developed in partnership in the toughest competitive environment – motorsport”.

Porsche is investing a “high double-digit million sum” in the new Cellforce Group GmbH, while the Federal Republic of Germany and the state of Baden-Württemberg are funding the project with around 60 million euros.


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