Elite Season 6: Netflix Release Date Updates

Elite Season 6

Elite: Netflix has already announced that a sixth season will be released on the platform! Release date, plots, new characters: we tell you everything!

Elite Season 6

Elite Season 6

Since April 8, aficionados of the elite series have been able to discover with joy the fifth season, composed of eight episodes. As every year, the school sees new students arrive. Among the latest arrivals, there is the Brazilian actor André Lamoglia as Iván or the Argentine actress Valentina Zenere who plays Isadora, a young heiress of a nightclub chain.

For those who spent their weekend binge-watching the series, the good news is that Netflix (which is testing a way to charge for account sharing) has already signed on for a season 6! Indeed, it was in October 2021, when season 5 had not even been released yet, that the platform announced that a sequel was already launched.

Latest Updates

At the beginning of the year, the official Instagram account of the series has unveiled the new actors who will join the cast for this season 6. We will find the actress Carmen Arrufat who became known in the film La innocència, for which she was nominated for a Goya Award (the equivalent of the César). She then starred in the film Diarios de la cuarentena et Todos mienten.

On January 31, it was also discovered that there would be Alvaro de Juana, artist Alex Pastrana and actors Ana Bokesa and Ander Puig. On the Instagram account, the three actors wear the uniform of Las Encinas. In the caption, we can read: “Here are five favorites that join us for season 6 … Welcome to Las Encinas… ». For his part, Alvaro de Juano wrote on his account: “I can finally say that I will be in Las Encinas! I feel very happy and very grateful ❤️. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ».


On the plot side, we must return to the last episode of season 5. Especially when Samuel refuses to give the evidence that incriminates Benjamin, the latter tries to recover it and at that moment falls to the ground, hits his head and ends up in the pool. When Patrick arrives, he tries to help his other half, but his father says he should be left in the hospital. Ari, Mencía, Omar and Rebe arrive in time to avoid it but the end of the episode suggests that it is too late. So, will Samuel die? Will Benjamin pay for his crimes? What about the other characters? Season 6 answers all these questions!

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For now, the release date of the sequel to Elite is not fixed but, normally, the new episodes should land in 2023.

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