Elite: This is how scandalous sex scenes are filmed

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Elite recently premiered its fourth season. This installment has high-voltage sex scenes. How do they record them?

Elite became a success since its arrival on Netflix in 2018. A few days ago, the teen series premiered its fourth season and finished filming the fifth installment, which will arrive in the near future. In this new batch of episodes, fans will meet old characters and also new faces that come to stir up Las Encinas school.

Like its previous seasons, Elite is noted for its high-voltage sex scenes. Something that always catches the attention of fans, who constantly wonder how these scenes are recorded. In this new season we will find young people starring in many of these montages, where we will see them with little clothes and enjoying their sexual life. Recently, the actors revealed that they do not use stuntmen for these scenes.

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How are sexual scenes recorded?

At a press conference, Arón Piper, actor who plays Ander in Elite, told some details of how these particular scenes are recorded. “We are already cured of fright. We are very used to the sock, “said the actor. In this new season of the series, Ander and Omar, his partner, will have several risque scenes where they will be accompanied by Patrick, a new character played by Manu Ríos.

That said, in these new episodes we will find many more explicit scenes compared to previous seasons. As a result of this, the Elite cast revealed that at no time did they use body double or mannequin to carry out the hottest moments of their characters. “We are us all the time,” revealed Manu Ríos. For their part, Georgina Amorós and Pol Granch said that recording sex scenes is something technical and mathematical. “In the end it is something very technical. There is a camera and you have to be exactly in this position, “explained Georgina. “It is something mathematical; the important thing is that you are comfortable and comfortable with your partner and that’s it, ”agrees his partner.

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