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Elite: why is Christian Exposito still absent?

The followers of Elite they are used to characters leaving the show. However, in the case of character of Miguel Herrán, Christian Exposito, there was a cloak of doubt about the reasons for his departure. Some wonder why it is not part of the fourth season. This last entry from Elite introduced new characters and there are not a few who raised their voices asking for the return of Christian.

When was the last time the character appeared on the show? During the events of the first episode of season two. In that opportunity, Christian was hit by a car during a night out and was hospitalized in Switzerland with expenses paid by the father of Carla. The explanation for his disappearance from the show was vague to say the least.

What happened to Christian?

A little memory: Polo accidentally killed Marina and he told Carla and Christian. So, they detained Nano unjustly for that crime and during the second season of the show, with a great conscience, Christian he wanted to confess everything he knew about the crime. On his way to the police station, the accident happened.

Already in the third season of Elite, the character would not appear again, which strongly attracted the attention of the fans of the show and even more of the followers of the character of Miguel Herran.

Could it be that in the fourth season he will return? Surely many fans of the series wondered. The last entry of Elite introduced several characters: the new school principal and his sons, Patrick, Ari and Mencía. Also Phillippe Florian Von Triesenberg. Meanwhile, the actor Miguel Herran was dedicated to his character in La Casa de Papel, Rio, which will close a stage with the fifth season of that series. To return to Christian Exposito?

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