Elizabeth Hurley stuns at 58 in sensational monokinis

Elizabeth Hurley stuns at 58 in sensational monokinis

Elizabeth Hurley Defies Age with New Swimsuit Collection

Elizabeth Hurley, the 58-year-old celebrity, recently took to her Instagram account to showcase her latest designs from the Elizabeth Hurley Beach swimsuit collection. In a series of photos, she modeled a white monokini with a V-neckline, open back, and cut-out at the bikini area. She also wore two similar outfits in black and aqua blue versions.

Despite her age, Hurley continues to exude natural beauty. She styled her brown hair in dry streaks down her back, and later changed to a high bun with straight locks. Her makeup consisted of light tones, nude lipstick, porcelain-effect foundation, pink blush, smoky shadows, and a thin black eyeliner to enhance her eyes.

In recent weeks, Hurley has been sharing photos of herself wearing outfits from her summer collection, including during her birthday trip to the Maldives. Fans have been amazed by her eternal youth, with many commenting that she looks like she’s in her 20s or even better than that.

These social media updates coincided with the premiere of the biographical series called “Warnie” about Elizabeth Hurley’s ex-fiancé, Shane Warne. The series recreates the infamous passionate kiss between Hurley and Warne that confirmed their romance in 2010. Shanti Kali portrays Hurley in the series and spoke highly of her, describing her as down-to-earth, hard-working, witty, and beautiful. Alex Williams portrays Shane Warne.

“Warnie” premiered on June 25, giving fans a closer look into the professional and private life of the cricketer, including his relationship with Hurley.

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