Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Events: Full schedule of Celebrations

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June 2

Trooping the Colour (banner parade)

As tradition has it, His Majesty and members of the British royal family are expected to enjoy the edition of the Banner Parade in its special version for the Platinum Jubilee from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. The event usually offers us the opportunity to see the younger royals enthusiastically saluting the planes in mid-flight More than 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians will reportedly gather in the parade to celebrate the official anniversary of Elizabeth II’s reign, which is usually held on the second Saturday in June. The parade will begin at Buckingham Palace and cross The Mall to the Horse Guards Parade, where they will be joined by several members of the royal family on horseback and in carriages. The parade will conclude with the traditional RAF air show. Queen Elizabeth II has decided that only family members working for the Crown will accompany her on the balcony, so there will be no Prince Harry or Meghan Markle or Prince Andrew or her daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie of York.

The Lights of the Platinum Jubilee

To mark the monarch’s 70th anniversary on the throne, more than 1,500 lights will be lit in communities and charities across the UK this summer, including the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and overseas territories, as well as the capitals of Commonwealth countries. A light installation will also be lit at Buckingham Palace on June 2, following a formal ceremony.

Picadilly Circus portrait Elizabeth II Jubilee

June 3

Mass of thanksgiving

On Friday morning a Mass of thanks for the reign of Elizabeth II will be celebrated at St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is expected that this event, which can only be accessed by invitation, will be attended by a large number of members of the royal family, who will come dressed in an appropriate outfit for the occasion and will be accompanied by other illustrious guests. Since 1897, the cathedral has hosted each and every Jubilee Mass and on June 3 will host attendees to give thanks for the life and reign of Monarch Elizabeth II and her 70 years on the throne.

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June 4

The Epsom Derby

The Platinum Party is a musical concert that will take place at Buckingham Palace on the evening of Saturday 4 June. On February 24, a raffle was opened, which was closed in the early morning of March 23, to get some of the 10,000 free tickets available. At the moment George Ezra has been announced as the only confirmed performer, but it is expected that in the coming weeks more stars will be revealed that will be part of the lineup. The 2012 Diamond Jubilee concert featured artists such as Elton John, Robbie Williams, and Stevie Wonder.

Her Majesty the Queen looks forward to attending the Epsom Derby next June, accompanied by other members of the royal family and audience attendees. The event that will take place on Saturday, also known as the Derby, is an annual horse race in which in previous years many of Elizabeth II’s thoroughbreds have competed. Her Majesty has regularly attended the event throughout her life, but it has not yet been confirmed whether she will be present this year. According to the Mail, “away is being planned to ensure that the Queen can cheer on her horses from the royal box in the Platinum Jubilee Epsom Derby.”

Concert in Buckingham

Asistentes al concierto del Jubileo de Diamante de 2012.

June 5

The Great Jubilee Lunch

Millions of Britons are expected to host the lunch and entertainment activities of The Big Jubilee Lunch initiative on June 5. Lunches will be held across the nation to celebrate the great occasion and friends and family will gather for such a historic event.

The Platinum Jubilee Parade

The Platinum Jubilee parade will be held on the last day of the weekend of festivities and will be televised by the BBC. You will start at Buckingham Palace and advance for about 800 meters along The Mall Street.

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The first act will begin with the ringing of the bells of Westminster Abbey, as was done on the day of the coronation of 1953, which will give rise to a military parade consisting of 1,750 troops.

The second act, which will feature 150 “national treasures”, including Ed Sheeran, Jeremy Irons, and Bill Bailey, will seek to highlight the evolution of British and Commonwealth creativity and culture throughout the reign of Elizabeth II. The 1.5 km parade will feature the participation of 2,500 volunteers and members of the public and will try to stage the most decisive moments of the musical, fashion, and dance trends that have “defined each of these decades”.

The third act will be a work divided into 12 parts that will highlight some “key moments” of the monarch’s life, as well as her personal interests. Among those memorable moments will be her marriage to her late husband, Philip of Edinburgh, as well as her coronation. His love for animals will also be recorded, with horses and corgis as undisputed “protagonists”

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