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Elizabeth Olsen says Scarlet Witch is a criminal trying to hide

Elizabeth Olsen was the protagonist of one of the most successful series of Disney+: WandaVision. The plot of the show revolved around Wanda Maximoff and his way of dealing with losses. His brother Pietro in Sokovia. Vision in Wakanda. She took the Westview people hostage and controlled each inhabitant to manipulate reality as she wanted. Vision came back to life and they even had two sons with powers.

In the show’s post-credits scene they reveal that Scarlet Witch is studying the Darkhold with the intention of recovering everything lost. Where will the story of this character continue? For now it is known that she will have an important participation in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Olsen already anticipated that Wanda can travel in the multiverse.

Is Wanda Maximoff a criminal?

“She just did something that makes her a criminal. In my mind the next step in her life is this new sense of identity, of acknowledging the acts she committed and taking responsibility.”Olsen noted.

Everything indicates that Wanda, o Scarlet Witch, as they prefer, must take charge of their actions in the aftermath of Doctor Strange. Likewise, the presence of SWORD and government agencies will have the character on the run.

“These big trucks arrive with military personnel who come to assess the situation and she escapes. She must leave or she will get in trouble. She does not want that. She left with her pain and shame and now she is home. She is at peace but she will have to. spend the rest of your life hiding “, assured the interpreter.

One last detail: Elizabeth stressed that her character will recover the characteristic “juicy accent” that I had lost in deliveries after Age of Ultron.

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