Elizabeth Olsen teased changes for Wanda Maximoff in Doctor Strange 2

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WandaVision ended and with the series the transformation of Wanda Maximoff in Scarlet Witch, a character much more aware of his abilities. Not only that, she also perceives herself as a criminal who is escaping by many of the actions of her recent past, including the fact of kidnapping an entire town with her powers and keeping it under her influence for a long period as seen in the series of Disney+.

The next entry from Wanda in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the sequel to Supreme Sorcerer. In this case, the followers of the brand do not know what to expect from Maximoff. Will she be a villain or ally of Stephen Strange? We still don’t have the answer to that question.

Scarlet Witch and a mysterious future

Elizabeth Olsen, the actress who gives life to Scarlet Witch, took advantage of an interview to highlight some questions of Wanda: “I finished filming WandaVision on a Wednesday and flew to London on a Friday to continue playing the role. I would have liked more time to change my mind. They are totally different versions of the character. What did the interpreter mean by this?

The actress admitted that she wonders “What can you get?” of this “trip” with Wanda and thus find growth for one of the protagonists of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although from some sectors they believe that everything remains the same. We already saw some of that evolution with the participation of Maximoff in WandaVision.

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Olsen She assured that she seeks to find something new in her character, even within herself as an artist: “There is this conscious decision to learn a new element from this woman. Also from me as an actress. This is something I want to explore and contribute”, were the words of Elizabeth. Once your participation in Doctor Strange 2, Wanda could continue his career within the MCU in another movie or streaming series.

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