“Elle Macpherson on the success of original supermodels: Diversity played a crucial role”

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Elle Macpherson Believes Diversity Was Key to Supermodels’ Success

Elle Macpherson, nicknamed ‘The Body’, believes that the supermodels of the ’90s, which included Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, succeeded because of their diversity in looks.

Macpherson, who is now 59 years old, says that the uniqueness and diversity of the supermodels facilitated the uniqueness of women and helped women to feel beautiful, regardless of the color of their hair or eyes.

Personal Acceptance was Key to Elle Macpherson’s Success

Elle Macpherson believes that personal acceptance was an important factor in her modelling success. Instead of trying to hide her athletic figure, Macpherson accentuated it and embraced her unique look, which she believed helped her career to flourish.

She said that she only found her career really took off when she gave in to how much she was celebrated for her athletic figure and knew it was an asset to be proud of. Being able to look past the emphasis on her looks and accept her unique beauty helped her to stand out from the crowd.

Celebrate Your Unique Beauty

Elle Macpherson empowers people to celebrate their unique beauty, as it will differentiate them from others. The more confident people are in themselves, the more they shine and the more attractive they become. She advises aspiring models to find their unique beauty and embrace it, as it leads to a lasting career.

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