Ellen Pompeo and a statement Grey’s Anatomy fans didn’t want to hear

Ellen Pompeo and a statement Grey's Anatomy fans didn't want to hear

Ellen Pompeo has become one of the great celebrities of the last decades by starring Grey’s Anatomy, and the reason you don’t see her in other productions is that she was fully dedicated to the series. More than once she has been revealed to be the highest paid actress on television and recently spoke about his future, giving unexpected statements.

Season 17 of the show created by Shonda Rhimes came to an end in June of this year, but the news arrived that all fans were waiting for: it was renewed for an installment number 18. In this way, there will be more episodes in this story than already has captivated much of the public for almost two decades and the first chapter will air on September 30.

While we wait for the next season, Pompey chatted with the podcast Ladies First by Laura Brown released this week. There, the 51-year-old Golden Globe nominee He assured that after Grey’s Anatomy he plans to leave acting, although he clarified: “I’m not saying I’ll never act again, I very well could, but I’m not very excited about continuing my acting career.”.

“Acting, although I haven’t done a million different roles, being that I have.”he added. He then explained: “Sitting in trailers, traveling, filming this in Atlanta, filming that in Vancouver. I have no desire to go sit in trailers at 11pm and wait to film scenes and have the AD knock on my door and tell me when. I can have lunch. It’s for the young at heart. It’s for the young! “.

As we know, Grey’s Anatomy was very close to reaching an end this year with installment 17, after Ellen assured that there was uncertainty for a continuation, but it was finally renewed for part 18. With these new statements from the star and previous sayings about the show, we may enter the final stretch of the series.


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