Ellen Pompeo confessed that she had problems with her husband because of Patrick Dempsey

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Ellen Pompeo Y Patrick Dempsey made up one of Grey’s Anatomy’s most beloved couples throughout its 17 seasons. Even the last installment had as its highest point the reunion between the two characters: Meredith Grey Y Derek Shepherd. The closeness between the two was so much in fiction that the actress had personal problems outside of it: confessed that her husband had a hard time assimilating her. Look what he said!

The figures of the medical drama had a romance from season 1 to 13, where the doctor dies. They went through comings and goings, but they married and had three children. In so many episodes, There were no shortage of intimate scenes where the actors had to convey the fieryness of the couple through the camera. Pompeo referred to those sequences and acknowledged that the hardest thing to do was her husband’s reaction.

Ellen Pompeo confessed that she had problems with her husband because of Patrick Dempsey

“He told me: this was not part of the deal, you go to work and you kiss that way, I like Patrick, he’s a good man, but really?”, he recalled in statements to the podcast Ladies First with Laura Brown about the way Chris Ivery He took the scenes he did with his partner in the medical series.

Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery in 2018 (Getty)

The protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy indicated that the first years of the series were the most complicated. “It was very hard for my husband. Poor thing, at first I had no idea where he was getting into and it was very difficult for him”She added speaking of her husband, an American music producer with whom she has been married since 2007.

Chris Ivery’s criminal past

Ivery and Pompeo met in a Los Angeles grocery store in 2003 and they stay together to this day. Before meeting the actress, Chris had a criminal past: He spent more than a year in federal prison for credit card fraud, in addition to being convicted of selling drugs.

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