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Ellen Pompeo confirmed what she will do when Grey’s Anatomy is finished

The great fear of the followers of Grey’s Anatomy has to do with the medical drama of ABC is nearing its end. The negotiations for an 18th season took forever and many believed that the installment that dealt with the coronavirus and was set mainly in the dreams of Meredith Grey it would be the last. However, one more batch of episodes was confirmed that once again featured the central figure, Ellen Pompeo.

Now, rumors and speculation speak that the current season of Grey’s Anatomy it will be the last. In this context, Pompeo was interviewed by Dax Holt facing the future of his career and it seems that he is very clear about it. In recent months, he has been involved in projects such as the podcast Tell Me. “I am trying to play in different areas”, said the actress.

In addition, we must add to its production company, Calamity Jane, which has a series on the way to HBO Max that will star one of the stars of Sex and the City, Kristin Davis. So many jobs make you believe that his career in front of the cameras would be about to end. To the tranquility of her fans, the actress assured: “I am sure that I will act again”.

In this sense, Pompey He referred to what type of career he sees ahead and pointed out that it is most likely not linked to the world of cinema. “I don’t have a career in movies.”, confessed the actress. Thus, he underlined: “Before, being on a channel for so long made you literally doomed. That is definitely not the case anymore so I probably won’t do movies but I will do some series for sure. streaming.

The reason Grey’s Anatomy is believed to end with the current season

The delivery of Grey’s Anatomy that he knew how to cover, very wisely, the coronavirus pandemic was loaded with returns of familiar faces. Of course, the ones that stood out the most were those of Patrick Dempsey, Chyler Leigh and Eric Dane. Many times, shows tend to make small tributes to the most important figures before putting an end to a story, something that is also highly celebrated by fans of the stories.

But also, in the new episodes Meredith he witnessed a new Minnesota medical research center that was created in honor of his mother. It is a place that will be dedicated to combating a disease as complex as Parkinson’s and that could have her as director Meredith. The appearance of this establishment suggests that the future of the character of Pompey It has already been defined and they are laying the groundwork to start firing him. After all, more than 15 years have passed since its appearance and maybe it is time to say goodbye.

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