Ellen Pompeo’s surprise reaction to this harsh criticism of Grey’s Anatomy

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The protagonist of the famous show is not afraid of negative comments.

Ellen Pompeo is surprisingly open to hearing all kinds of comments from fans of Grey’s Anatomy as the medical drama heads into season 18.

The 51-year-old actress tweeted her reaction after a fan of the show criticized season 17 and referred to it as “garbage!” The fan noted, “I love the show, but not this season.”

On Friday, June 18, Ellen posted a rather magnanimous message in response. “All good! Seventeen seasons, we can’t please everyone all the time,” wrote the star. “It’s definitely not easy to keep it going and keep it great … I get it … thanks for watching anyway … and thanks for your feedback, it’s important … I send you love [manos de oración y emoji de beso]”.

But Ellen still hadn’t finished commenting on the fan rating. When a different user praised Ellen for referring to the criticism, the actress clarified that she was not actually bothered by the initial comment.

“No, honestly, there’s nothing wrong at all … the only show I’ve stayed with to the end was The Sopranos“Ellen posted.

Later, in apparent response to other people who were upset with fan criticism, the star known for playing Meredith Gray continued to defend viewers’ right to voice their issues with the show.

“But why is someone saying they didn’t like it a bad thing? It’s literally been working for two decades! Let her live … there’s a lot I don’t like,” Ellen tweeted. She added, “Not to mention that people are allowed to feel what they want after these really fucked up couple of years we’ve had.”

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