“Elliot Page’s Transition Doesn’t Come as a Shock to Close Friends”

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Elliot Page’s Transition Wasn’t a Surprise to Close Friends

Elliot Page, the 36-year-old actor who announced his transgender status in 2020, revealed in an interview with The Guardian newspaper that his close friends were not shocked by the news. According to Page, transitioning was something he had talked about for years with those closest to him.

Shedding Shame and Internalized Transphobia

Page reflected on the mental roadblocks that had prevented him from following through with his initial decision to transition publicly. “It came mostly from internalized shame, internalized transphobia,” he said. The actor candidly stated that he was frequently overcome by the pressure of being a well-known Hollywood personality.

Life Over Movies

Despite his previous thoughts about his future in Hollywood, Page made the conscious decision in 2014 to live his life in a way that was more important to him than staying in movies. He said, “I thought less about work and more about what it means to transition publicly, and I was overwhelmed by that. It just kept coming, it wouldn’t let go.”

Body Euphoria

Page shared his experience with the joyful feeling of “body euphoria” since his transition. He enjoys waking up every day and feeling comfortable in his own skin. “When I say I never thought that I would feel that way, I really, really mean that,” he said. Page has been embracing this newfound body confidence and enjoys the freedom of being present in his body.


Page’s transition has paved the way for greater visibility and acceptance of transgender individuals in Hollywood, and beyond. He has openly shared his personal journey with the hope of empowering others, and his experiences will undoubtedly touch the lives of many.

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