Elon Musk Goes Live on Twitter

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Twitter’s Initiative to Revive Periscope

At the Twitter headquarters, the team is working hard to make the application more multidisciplinary. Elon Musk has selected the responsible workers to ensure that his orders come to fruition.

The Revival of Periscope

Periscope was one of the oldest platforms that allowed users to do short live shows from their mobile phones long before Twitch became established as the quintessential cross-platform live platform. The platform was integrated with Twitter to work hand in hand to provide users with an interactive community experience.

However, the company decided to shut down Periscope a few years ago, but it seems like that was not the end of it. During a live show on Twitter yesterday, Elon Musk revealed that the old Periscope code works.

The Code Still Works After Eight Years

In a four-minute video, Musk tinkers with the app and discovers that he is using the 2015 Periscope code to broadcast live video on his profile. It has been eight years since Periscope’s appearance, yet the code still works. Though the viewing technology has improved significantly since then, the video’s resolution remains the same, according to Musk.

Twitter’s Reasons for Periscope’s Fall

Twitter closed Periscope down in 2021 due to the feature’s disuse and the losses incurred by the company to maintain it. This could also be the reason why no improvements were made to the feature over the past few years. With the rise of vertical video formats and direct videos, resuming the feature might be a good decision, but it is up to Musk to decide.

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The Revival of Periscope Under Musk’s Leadership

With Musk at the helm of Twitter, this initiative might be the beginning of a new era for the Periscope feature. It could be revitalized and modernized to meet the new demands of the community. Time will tell whether this move pays off, but it is a step in the right direction.

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