Elon Musk publicly criticizes Apple for the large amount of cobalt it uses in the manufacture of batteries for its devices

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During the presentation of Tesla’s quarterly balance sheet held on Monday, the CEO and founder of the company, Elon Musk, criticized Apple for the large amount of cobalt that the technology firm uses to produce the batteries for its devices.

When the businessman was questioned about the supply chains of the materials used by Tesla to manufacture its vehicles, he assured that there is a misconception regarding the amount of cobalt, an essential material in the production of the lithium ion cells used in batteries for electric cars and electronic devices, used during the process.

“Apple uses, I think, almost the 100 % of cobalt in its batteries and cell phones and laptops, but Tesla does not use cobalt in iron phosphate packages, and almost nothing in nickel-based chemicals. On a weighted average, we could use a 2 % cobalt, “said Musk, aforementioned by CNBC.

Similarly, the director of Tesla criticized Apple’s so-called “walled garden”, with which it exercises strict control over what ‘software’ can be installed on iPhones and iPads through its App Store, when asked about it. fact of allowing your competitors to use your network of chargers.

According to the executive, allowing the free use of its chargers “emphasizes” his company’s goal of “supporting the arrival of sustainable energy.” Tesla does not intend to create “a walled garden and use it to beat up our competitors, something that some companies use” such as “Apple,” Musk said amid a feigned cough.

According to an article published by The Guardian, both companies, along with Google, were sued in 2019 by the parents of child cobalt miners who died or were injured in the Democratic Republic of the Congo during the extraction of the mineral, later used by the firms. In the complaint, the defendants are singled out for issues related to the violation of human rights and child exploitation.

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