Elon Musk takes a jab at George Soros on Twitter following Tesla stock sale

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George Soros sells Tesla Shares Amidst Hostile Campaign

Tycoon investor, George Soros, recently sold his shares in electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla. Soros Management Fund had invested $16 million in Tesla shares last year but got rid of them last Friday just weeks after a hostile Twitter campaign by Tesla owner, Elon Musk, who accused Soros of “hating Humanity”. Musk went on to liken Soros to X-Men villain, Magneto, and allegations of his past as a Holocaust survivor were later referenced in a conversation with Twitter users.

From a financial perspective, the sale does not seem to have affected Tesla’s share prices, which closed with a 0.10% rise. The Tesla shareholders’ meeting, which took place on the same day, was more focused on Musk’s dedication to the company following his appointment of Linda Yaccarino last Friday as the executive director of Twitter.

George Soros – A Target of the Right

Soros is a capitalist who is sympathetic to social democracy, but has become the bête noire of the hard American right. He is often a favorite target of Donald Trump, who accuses him of buying a major part of the media. Musk, who has recently turned to the right, also seems to be embracing the anti-Soros sentiment. Despite their political differences, Soros has not yet responded to Musk’s invective.

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