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Elon Musk’s father plans to donate his semen to a Colombian company

Engineer Errol Musk shares the opinion of his famous son that the main mission of the human being in this life is to reproduce, and boy has he fulfilled it. At 73, Elon Musk’s father welcomed his youngest son in 2019, the result of the controversial relationship full of ups and downs he has with one of the stepdaughters he won through his second marriage, and has six more who are already adults.

His proven fertility, which is supported by the fact that the youngest of the family was an ‘accident’ that was not planned, has caught the attention of a Colombian company that has offered him the possibility of donating his sperm to wealthy women. The idea would be to create a new generation of babies with a talent for engineering like that of the founder of Tesla: “Why turn to Elon when you can go directly to the person who created him?” he joked in statements to The Sun newspaper.

It should be noted that Errol would not receive direct financial compensation for its services, but endless benefits have been included in the offer to arouse their interest. “They’ve offered to pay me for first-class flights, five-star hotel accommodations and all that.” At the moment he has not confirmed if he will dare to do so, but he has never ruled out continuing to expand his offspring and it would certainly be a relatively easy way to overcome Elon Musk, who is the father of ten children.

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