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Elvis Presley’s Ex Regrets Not Having His Baby, Admits She Was Stupid

Nearly five decades after Elvis Presley died at his famous Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, one of his ex-lovers, Carol Connors, has released a new memoir giving details about their affair. She mentioned dating him for nine months straight in the mid-60s. However, she claimed they had an on-and-off relationship lasting for more than two years.

83-year-old Carol wrote Elvis, Rocky & Me to document her successful music career and love life ahead of a soon-to-be-released movie about her life. She shared her biggest regret from her time with the Rock and Roll king and his questionable reputation with the ladies.

Carol recalled her first impression of Elvis as a “beautiful, cat-like” man when they first met at an exquisite property located in Bel-Air, Los Angeles. He had just wrapped up filming Viva Las Vegas with the gorgeous Ann Margaret, who would become a threat to their eventual relationship.
KID GALAHAD, Elvis Presley, 1962

She admitted that Ann must have been one of Elvis’ greatest loves, even though he remained aloof each time she brought her up. The two-time Oscar nominee recalled how unforgettable Ann-Margret looked, which made her feel insecure when Elvis worked with her. In retrospect, Carol wishes she had the music legend’s baby and feels foolish for not doing so.

Carol was the only female member of the Teddy Bears band, known for their 1958 hit song, “To Know Him is to Love Him?” The first question Elvis ever asked her was why they named their group so, and this broke the ice for what would become her first romantic relationship. Being the Teddy Bear’s vocalist, Carol was the first woman to chart the Billboard Hot 100; however, they disbanded shortly after.

She wrote the theme songs to “Rocky and Orca” and “For All Mankind,” which were featured in Pier Quinto and Lara Cariaggi’s documentary on soccer legends and FIFA history. Her talent has earned her multiple recognitions, including a Golden Palm Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars in 1999.

Source: Particle News