Embracer remains unstoppable in its eagerness to buy video game companies and acquires 8 more, including 3D Realms

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Embracer Group, the Swedish gaming holding company formerly known as THQ Nordic AB, has done it again. The company, which has been acquiring video game companies for several years, has announced that it will add 8 more studies to its collection.

Embracer announced the news in a post on your website, and multiple acquisition includes the study of Duke Nukem, 3D Realms, as well as Deep Rock Galactic’s creative studio, Ghost Ship Games. On the other hand, it has been confirmed that the acquisition has cost approximately 2,700 million Swedish crowns ($ 313 million). This figure could increase by another 2 billion SEK ($ 232 million) whether the newly acquired studios achieve certain functional and operational milestones over the next eight years. Embracer has said it expects the latest additions contribute to sales of $ 230 million to $ 348 million in the next fiscal year. Next we leave you with a list of all the studies purchased.

New Embracer studios

  • Children Games
  • 3D Realms
  • Crazy Labs
  • Ghost Ship Games
  • DigixArt
  • Easy Trigger
  • Grimfrost
  • Slipgate Ironworks

Speaking about the acquisition, the group’s co-founder and CEO, Lars Wingefors, said that is “excited to welcome over 500 great talents” to the enterprise. Despite the recent acquisition and purchase of Gearbox by Embracer for a reported value of $ 1.3 billion earlier this yearIt seems like your shopping spree isn’t over yet. Wingefors has said: “We still have a solid balance sheet with a sizable net cash position to support more mergers and acquisitions in the future. We continue to have many ongoing discussions with entrepreneurs, creators and companies to join the family, including large or transformer companies that would create new operating groups. “.

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Of the acquisitions, Embracer has said that Israeli development team Crazy Labs is your “most shocking contributor” in terms of sales. The mobile games publisher will be acquired by Embracer on September 30, 2021. The company says that within free games, the combination of Crazy Labs with Deca Games (another of its subsidiaries), will seek to create a “fast growing organization, process oriented and driven by data in the casual and hyper-casual segments of the mobile market. “.

Embracer posee more than 240 different IPs in more than 40 different countries and now it will grow to more than 8,000 employees after your last acquisition. In relative terms, if Embracer were a country and its employees counted as its population, would comfortably be located somewhere between Vatican City and San Marino. When they get over Lichtenstein, that’s when we can start to get nervous.

With Embracer set to acquire Gearbox Studios and 3D Realms, the real question is, Could there be room for a reboot of Duke Nukem in the future?

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