Embracing the Fear: Rediscovering the Scary Beauty of Life

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New unexpected chapter in the life of Kiko Rivera (39 years old).

Despite the fact that this July 14 had to be a very happy day for Isabel Pantoja’s son, his circumstances have become complicated and he has suffered a significant setback in his state of health, which has coincided with the release of his new single, The Mambo.

Through his social profile, he has shared that he had to be hospitalized: “With ‘El Mambo’ already on the street… But life scares me again.”

Kiko Rivera opens his heart and reveals why Isabel Pantoja He did not visit him in the hospital: “I need a hug from my mother”

Kiko Rivera admitted again Just three days ago, the DJ attended his cousin Manuel Cortés’ birthday, where he enjoyed a hilarious party. Now, just 72 hours later, he has worried his million followers. In the snapshot that he has shared, he appears lying on the hospital stretcher and the intravenous line placed in his arm can be seen. An image that has set off all the alarms and worried his million followers.

The romantic getaway to Rome by Kiko Rivera and Irene Rosales, with stops at the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum!

Kiko Rivera entered again Of course, despite After this hard setback, the musician has not lost his smile and wanted to send a reassuring message: “I’ll tell you. Your best gift, enjoy the mambo and life“, he wrote from the bed where he is recovering, referring to his latest work that has been published on Spotify, just a few hours before this mishap and that bears the name of El Mambo.

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Kiko Rivera shows his incredible physical change after the stroke he suffered last OctoberKiko Rivera admitted againFor now, neither Kiko nor his wife, Irene Rosales, have echoed the reasons why the Quitate el top interpreter has had to be admitted to the hospital nor have they wanted to reveal for the moment the reason for their new admission.

Isabel Pantoja’s son has been in his very delicate state of health for several months now. He suffers from diabetes, gout and the last scare: the ischemic stroke that he suffered last October 2022. Some very hard days, not only for the interpreter, but also for those closest to him, who remained by his side at all times.Continue reading the story

Kiko Rivera shows his great physical change in a year with two photos in a swimsuit

Kiko Rivera entered again Kiko himself was in charge of telling how he lived the hardest moment of his life in an interview with Bertín Osborne: “I woke up at 5 in the morning with my left side paralyzed, I got up to get water as best I could because I had also lost my balance and was hitting me with everything, and when I picked up the glass of water, I dropped it because I couldn’t feel my hand”.

Rivera fell asleep again thinking that It wouldn’t be anything serious, but when he woke up, he was still in the same situation. Finally, the DJ realized that something was wrong and went to the hospital. After being diagnosed with pharyngitis, he was finally told that he had suffered a heart attack. cerebral.

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This has been the return of Kiko Rivera to the stage after his desire to reconcile with his mother and brothers

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