“Embracing the Joy of Motherhood: Kelly Brook’s Beloved Role as a Dog Mom”

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Kelly Brook’s favorite role in life is being a dog mom

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Kelly Brook’s favorite role in life is being a mom to her dog. The Heart Radio host welcomed her dog into her home three years ago and considers that caring for your canine companion is a huge accomplishment equal to marrying Jeremy Parisi last year.

Asked to name her biggest accomplishment to date, she told HELLO! magazine: “Marrying the most wonderful human being and being a mother to our beloved dog Teddy. It is my favorite role in life. I love simple things.”

Kelly is also excited about summer because she’s going on vacation with her dog Teddy. “I’m looking forward to my yearly stay with Teddy. This year we are going on a dog friendly trip to Devon and I can’t wait to wear all my clothes on dog walks on the beach.”

The brunette added that she will be taking a holiday with her husband. When asked what she is looking forward to most to do this summer, she said: “Going back to Italy, where we got married last year, and spending time on my husband’s farm in Frosinone with his family.”

Of her plans for their first wedding anniversary, she added: “Hopefully, we’ll be in Italy enjoying time in the piazza with pizza and Aperol spritz.”

When he’s not on vacation Teddy is a big part of Kelly’s daily routine. “I walk my dog ​​for two hours every morning. This replaced the gym and I’m so much happier about it. It’s funny how having a dog has made me healthier and happier. I try to avoid my phone in the morning if I can. I am very disciplined in my exercise, food, and screen time. The mornings are for the family and me, and I work every afternoon from 4 to 7 pm at Heart radio. It’s a good balance.”

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