Emilio Jaime ‘Emil’ ruled out undergoing surgery: “I like to see myself like this, I’m happy”

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The Peruvian singer Emilio JaimeNow ‘Emil’, ruled out the possibility of having any plastic surgery on his face, but remembered having performed an operation on his ears.

This is how he said in an interview for the Saturday program ‘You are in all’ that he came to his home in Lima to learn more about his daily life and his new musical career.

“I like to see myself like this, I feel happy. I am happy with myself. I don’t think I would have any touch-ups, “said Emil, after touching his ears, alluding to the fact that that part of his body had been operated on.

Emilio revealed that it was difficult for him to make the decision to go live in Colombia to start his musical career from scratch, however, his family supported him at all times.

“This is a very patient marathon … You have to give him every last drop of sweat in the things you have to do,” he added.

Emilio Jaime is a good friend of the soccer player Beto da Silva, who along with his wife, the model Ivana Yturbe, are expecting their baby. He wishes them the best in their new stage and because they are looking for a godfather for their son, he pointed out: “The one who has to choose me is Beto.”


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